when i plug my headphones into my one and only headphone input my tutor cannot hear me but i can hear them' however when i unp


Jul 21, 2017
Can you help me? I am hard of hearing and I would like to use my headphones. But when I plug them in my tutor can't hear me but I can hear her' However when I unplug headphones we can speak and hear '
Sounds like your headphone jack is actually a combo jack that has mic & headset both in one so when you plug in your headphone it cuts out the mic too.

Yeah, laptops now have a single headphone & mic combo jack. When you plug in your headphone it disables the laptop built-in microphone. The way around this is to purchase a headphone set with a microphone.

Below are examples of headphones with built-in microphones that are relatively inexpensive. They represent different styles; earbuds, on the ear, and over the ear. Note, I am not endorsing any of these headphones / headsets as I do not have any experience with them. Additionally, spending more money generally means better quality components are used. Read reviews before making a purchase.