when I put a SD card into my Android phone, I get " blank card" " unsupported "


May 6, 2016
I put a blank used SD card into my Android phone for more storage, and I'm having a problem. I get back a message saying that the card is blank when I tried to mount it. And a message saying that the card is unsupported. Can anybody help me
The first thing you can try is rebooting and then trying again to mount the card. If that doesn't work you would need to try the following.

An SD card can becomes RAW or has an unsupported file system due to a few different reasons. Some of those reasons are a virus-infection, rude SD card extraction, memory card logical damages, RAW file system issues, etc.

Did you, or who ever you got it from, remove this card without turning off the last device it was in?

Did anyone use this SD card on a strange or unsafe computer or other device?

Did someone extract the SD card off a computer or laptop without using the “Safely remove hardware” tool?

If any of these are the case, this could cause the errors you are getting. In the future, always remove a SD card the correct way. Also, in case of unexpected data loss issues, it is very important to regularly back up the data you keep on an SD card.

You will probably need to run Data Recovery Software to to restore any card data before fixing the error.

You should not format the card before you try and restore the files. Because of this you should, for now, ignore the error message saying it isn't formatted. First connect the SD card to a computer and run the Data Recovery Software of your choice, there are a few out there, and let it find and recover anything that is still accessible on the card.

Here are the detailed data recovery steps for you:

NOTE: Do you not put anything on the SD card before you run the recovery software. Also, it would be wise to make a back up, to a cloud account or computer, all data restored to the card. Always make backups regularly.

Next we work on fixing the error.

As stated before, this can be from viruses, RAW file system or memory card logical damages, etc. The devices formatting process almost always help fix the existing memory card issues.

So, after you have backed up the recovered data, format this SD card to restore it, so you can then use it in the phone. If the SD card is not overly damaged or doesn't have a really complicated problem, you can usually go on using it right away to store or transfer your data. After that format the formatting is completed.

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