When i turn on my galaxy y gt s5360 phone it display a message that my phone has either been lost or stolen and require me to

TJ James

Jul 4, 2014
When I turn on my Samsung Galaxy y GT s5360 phone. It goes to a message stating that my phone is either lost or stolen. And requires me to enter a password to unlock my phone. I don't remember ever putting in a password to this phone. or I have forgotten the password. On this message that is displayed it shows my e-mail account that is with gmail .com
I have tried several password to try and unlock my phone none of them have worked to unlock it.
The message comes back OPPS TRY AGAIN!
Please help me with a solution to unlock my phone preferably without loosing all my numbers and data THANK YOU Tom James.


Jul 18, 2006
You do realize this is exactly what a phone thief would be faced with when he tried to access a stolen phone? So now you understand why no one here will be able to help you. If it really is your phone you will need to contact your carrier.