Where best way to force Best Buy and H P to either ,refund,repair ,or replace


Dec 24, 2011
I bought a refurbished computer from
Best Buy on 6 /3/ 2011. I began to have
Trouble at once. Best Buy stated a
15 day return poilcy plus a 90 day warranty.
I called Best Buy and they gave me a number
And told me HP handle the warranty
This was the first time I knew this I
Assumed Best Buy stood behind the warranty.
When I called the number they. Told me
The comp was out of warranty that it
Had been sold in 2010 not 06/03/2011.
I have spent many hrs talking with
BomBay india,and sending then emails
Faxes . Most would get form letters back
Saying they had not received any thing
From me . Finally after strongly insisting that they
Go to tree comp and check it very close
For they had been sent about 12 email and all. after 30 min she came back and said she had found them , but could not except them. She didnot only have the copies , but also typed out on the email all the inflation which was on the invoice. She was asked to call Best Buy,
Nothing did any good I told her that if
The comp was not up dated by the 7/25/2011
That I was taking the comp to the close ist
Best Buy Store. This I did on the
7/25/2011. The next day I got a up date
On the comp. They called me and wanted me to
Go 100 miles. One way to get the comp
And send it to HP. This I refused to do,
I told them that they had my permission to ship the comp to HP . I have been given
Run around ever where . All concerned have been notified , but all refuse to do any thing. I
Need help in getting the right lawyers
To work with my lawyers


BBB. Better Buisness Bureau , sometimes you will be surprised with what they can do , it's not a guarentee but you can give it a shot. I think that if you call up that Best Buy store where you bought the computer and told the manager that when you hang up with him (her) that you are getting on the phone with the BBB and telling them your complaint , that you may get some action. I had an experience where it worked for me so you never know , give it a shot , you have tried everything else.


Generally when you buy a refurbished product, you only get a very limited warranty. Only new products receive a full warranty, and typically when you buy a used, pre-owned, refurbished product that warranty does not transfer to you.

You can try the BBB as suggested above, but I really doubt you will get anywhere since this is standard practice. The only thing I can say is next time you should buy a new product if you want the full warranty.


Dec 24, 2011
This computer had a 15 day return policy ploys a 90 day warranty.
Problem was HP didn't up date the date of the first sale to my sale.
The comp was sold to me on 6/3/2011.
HP Bombay india stalled in up dating the
Bill of sale until I had already carried
The comp to Best Buys store in Valdosta, ga on the 7/25/2011.
On the night of 7/25/2011 I received
A up date of the bill of sale. they have the
Comp . And want do any thing about it.
Attorneys are in the procces of Staarting llaw suits
With all concerned , plus through state , and USA
Attorney general for a cease to sell comp, order
In the State of Ga . and USA.


Dec 24, 2011

I knew when I bought it that it
Only had a 15 day return policy with a 90 day warranty.
H. P. On. Bombay would not back that
Because they said I bought it in 2010, I bought it 6/3/2011
Best buy has the comp and refused
To do any thing until the warranty
Went out . I bought it 6/3/2011 and tried to send it back with in the 15 day warranty . Bombay india did finally up
Date the date of purchase on the nite of
7/25/2011 . I Had carried it to Best Buy and
Returned it to them , they claimed that
I abandoned it. That nite when I got back from carrying it to Valdosta store I had received a email that said that Bambay
Had updated the bill of sale date . Then
Bombay wanted me to send the Comp to H. P for
Them to replace or repair . I told them they were to late that I ha already carried it to Best Buy in Valdosta just as
I had told them I would . They called be back again after I had told them that they would have to have Valdosta send it to H. P. .
They called back and said that Valdosta would not send it to H P.
I told them that I was not going 200 miles to get it, that I had drove 200 miles to carry it over there. I am 86 yr old , my wife is
Bed ridden, even if I had went and got it and sent it to H. P that they would do any thing. They are trying there best to beat me out of everything. We are filling out the papers to have the State
And USA attorney to issuer a order stopping them from Selling computer to any one , plus paying a fine. Plus the
Lawyers are filing law suits for the comp. And loss of
Information caused by the computer. We are also working with
BBB. And others in getting every thing out. They threw me under the bus and ran over me eith the fromt wheels but they will have a time getting me with the back wheels. Thanks
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