Where do I order laptop screen?


Jun 16, 2011
Its for an HP Pavillion DV5-2155dx, I found a website that had it for $120.00 a bit out of my price range, do all screens fall in that price range? Kinda new to this any replies will be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Nov 12, 2010
Screens are expensive. How much were you expecting to pay? It may be that shopping around could find it for less, or it may be that your expectations are unreasonable.


Dec 10, 2002
screens are usually ~100-140 (USD/AUD)

ebay second that just make sure you open up your unit and confirm the pannel fittings/specs as alot of units/series have different revisions and fittings etc
Hi :)

I own a laptop repair company....so read this and take note...

When you order the screen, you MUST order the screen WITH the number from the white sticker on the back...i.e the EXACT screen number...

There are lots of people who sell screens for particular model lappies, you will find that without that sticker number MOST wont work...

All the best Brett :)
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