Solved! Where to find a similar aux to the ASTRO a10 gaming headset

Jan 15, 2019
I have an ASTRO A10 headset but I do not know where to find an aux like the one that came with it. The regular 3.5 broke off and now I can't use it. Instead of buying a new headset I thought I could just buy a new aux cable as it can detach from the headset completely but to find the proper 4 line aux that plugs into the headset itself has been a real mission. Any help?
You'll need access to a soldering iron, and good sight. An Ohmmeter will help to identify the wires.

Get something like this. Your other option is to get just a cable, cut it in one end, and splice the individual wires. But again, you'll have to know which wire is which.
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