Which AI assistant can create the best D&D story — I put Copilot, Gemini and ChatGPT to the test

Jun 10, 2024
If you want an AI for D&D story creation, Lorekeeper.co.uk is literally made for this.

It does what GPT doesn't do and allows you to save and remember your story so you can build upon it. You can also upload source material for it to use as context for its replies.
Jun 11, 2024
They are half elf ranger and name is yada yada and the parents profession was yada yada and totally lone wolf everybody killed, seeking revenge and restore heritage yada yada.

And they are low level character killing chimera. Who would believe that

Yeah, konosuba is boring and everyone loves them half elf rangers since LOTR and Dragonlance.
Jun 11, 2024
Curious why the author would not ask Anthropic's LML, Claude. It's the most powerful model on the market and would likely win this task.


Jun 18, 2023
Been using Poe which has several of these to play around with. They even have GPT4o so a little sample of some of the stuff I've used.

"Write me a detailed DnD setting based in a mushroom world that is dominated by a fungi tyrant who is obsessed with corruption and decay."

"# The Mycelian Dominion: A D&D Setting

## Overview

In the shadowed depths of the world lies the Mycelian Dominion, a vast and eerie subterranean realm dominated by colossal fungi. This underground empire is ruled by the malevolent Fungal Tyrant, Myxothrax the Corrupter, whose insidious influence spreads decay and corruption throughout the land. The Mycelian Dominion is a place of dark beauty, where bioluminescent mushrooms illuminate caverns and fungal forests with an eerie glow, and where every breath carries the spores of the tyrant's corruption.

## Geographic Features

### The Sporeveil Caverns

The Sporeveil Caverns are the heart of the Mycelian Dominion, an immense network of underground tunnels and chambers. Here, the air is thick with spores, and the walls glisten with bioluminescent fungi. The caverns are home to countless species of mushrooms, from the luminescent Glowcaps to the towering Spore Giants.

### The Rotting Forest

This vast fungal forest is dominated by enormous mushroom trees, their caps forming a dense canopy that blocks out even the faintest light from above. The forest floor is a treacherous mire of decaying organic matter, teeming with parasitic fungi and carnivorous plants. The Rotting Forest is a place of perpetual twilight, where the boundary between life and death is blurred.

### The Sporeswamp

A vast, stinking swamp where fungal growths rise from the murky waters like grotesque islands. The Sporeswamp is a place of constant change, as new fungal forms burst forth from the muck and older ones collapse into putrescence. It is said that the heart of the Sporeswamp holds ancient secrets and powerful relics, but few dare to venture into its depths.

### The Mycelium Sea

An underground sea of fungal filaments, the Mycelium Sea is a living network that connects the entire Mycelian Dominion. The sea pulses with a slow, rhythmic life, and its surface is dotted with floating fungal platforms. The Mycelium Sea is both a transportation network and a source of sustenance for the Dominion, its filaments carrying nutrients to all corners of the realm.

## Inhabitants

### Myxothrax the Corrupter

The Fungal Tyrant, Myxothrax, is an ancient and powerful being, a massive entity of intertwined fungal growths. Myxothrax is obsessed with corruption and decay, seeking to spread his influence to every corner of the world. His lair is a sprawling complex deep within the Sporeveil Caverns, where he sits upon a throne of rotting matter, surrounded by his most loyal minions.

### Spore Servitors

These humanoid fungi are the foot soldiers of Myxothrax's armies. Spore Servitors are created from the corrupted bodies of those who have succumbed to the tyrant's spores. They are mindless and relentless, driven by an insatiable desire to spread their master's corruption.

### Mycelian Druids

Not all who dwell in the Mycelian Dominion serve Myxothrax. The Mycelian Druids are a secretive order who seek to harness the power of fungi for the greater good. They believe in the natural cycle of decay and rebirth, and they work tirelessly to prevent Myxothrax's corruption from spreading beyond the Dominion.

### Fungoid Beasts

The Mycelian Dominion is home to a plethora of mutated and corrupted creatures. From the towering Fungus Golems to the swift and deadly Spore Hounds, these beasts are the result of Myxothrax's twisted experiments. Each one is more dangerous and unpredictable than the last, making travel through the Dominion a perilous endeavor.

## Adventure Hooks

### The Corrupted Grove

A once-beautiful grove above ground has been overtaken by Myxothrax's corruption. The local villagers are desperate for help to cleanse the grove and prevent the spread of decay to their homes.

### The Lost Relic

Rumors speak of an ancient relic hidden deep within the Sporeswamp, a powerful artifact that could either amplify Myxothrax's power or be used to destroy him. Adventurers must navigate the treacherous swamp and contend with its many dangers to recover the relic.

### The Druid's Plea

A Mycelian Druid seeks the help of brave adventurers to infiltrate the heart of Myxothrax's domain and sabotage his latest plan to spread his spores to the surface world. This mission will require stealth, cunning, and a deep understanding of the fungal realm.

### The Rotting Beast

A colossal beast, corrupted and enhanced by Myxothrax's spores, has begun terrorizing nearby settlements. The adventurers must track down and defeat this monstrosity before it leaves a trail of decay and destruction in its wake.

## Conclusion

The Mycelian Dominion is a setting of dark wonder and perilous adventure"

I've used this for creating the foundation of a few DnD ideas, characters, campaigns, and when I just get stuck on ideas. Poe is nice because it adds after the output the option to expand or clarify on what it created so for instance I was given a few options like what are some of the weaknesses of the big baddie or describe the realm/lair of the big baddie.