Which amplifier can I get for these speakers?


Oct 14, 2016
I recently got hold of 5 speakers and a subwoofer from a friend who was moving house, they however unfortunately no longer had the amplifier for the speakers. The speakers are all sony SS-TS73 and I think they used to belong to a home cinema system. I am just looking for a cheap amplifier so that I can use these speakers (even just 2 of them in stereo) as speakers for my tv. I really don’t know a lot about speakers and amplifiers but after some reading I understand the impedance of the speakers and amplifier need to match. The impedance of the speakers in 3 ohms and I can only find amplifiers that support impedance from 4 ohms. Can I run these speakers off an amplifier that supports 4 ohms, if not can someone suggest a cheap amplifier that would drive these speakers?

Picture of the speakers: https://imgur.com/a/Ka7j1kE
The cheap way to run those is to use a car amp and a PC power supply. Car amps are designed to run even lower impedance loads. Many will go down to 1 ohm. I suspect you can get away with as little as 20-50 watts.
Those speakers are meant to be used with a subwoofer but you won't have a way to use that easily. You would need a crossover to remove the high frequencies from the sub and an amp to drive it.
If your TV has a headphone jack that would be the easiest way to get audio to the amp. Your TV volume control will work in this case. If your TV doesn't have a variable audio output then you would need to get your audio from a set top box with volume control.


The problem with those speakers is they are 3 ohm. Standalone amps don't support that. Driving 3 ohms with a 4 ohm minimum amp will burn out the amp. Used Sony home theater like these came from is the best answer.
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