Which Camera to buy?



Hi everybody,

I'm planing to buy a camera to publish picture online. I read somehwere that to post pics on the Net a low resolution (and cheap) camera will do it.
Anybody knows something about it?

Thanks in advanced

Nobody Knows Everything


Yes that is true, if you have a good piccie at a high res it takes too long for people to open it, and if you plan to sell the piccies then you want a low res so people cant get them for free, you try going to a site where the piccies are high res and try opening it


Hello Jesse: I use a digital camera to post pics to my website. The camera that I recently purchased was the Sony F707 5 meg camera. What is great with this camera is that you can take your high end pictures and also have an "email mode selected in the menu. This will make a copy in 320x240 ( 15k in size ) of your original. And the email version is fairly good quality to post on the net. You can then link that pic to the higher quality pic. If you want to email me to discuss this further - please do. I am not a pro photog but with digital cameras - it makes things alot easier.


Feb 17, 2002
Thats a bit overkill to spend $850 on a camera to take low res shots. What you want is any old 1.4 MP camera. You should be able to get one for around and under $200. Fuji makes some good cheap ones, and you can find old Olympus ones too. If you really want to go budget, get a JamCam for ~$50- but that kinda limits your size options.


You missed the intent in the posting. I wanted a good quality camera to take good quality pictures while at the same time it has the ability to make low res copies to put onto a website. You can then link that low res pic to the higher quality one should an individual choose to look at a picture with better detail. Not unlike what this site will sometimes do "click this picture to see a full size version of it". Sure you can run a program to make thumbnails but why do it when the camera has that built in feature to save you some time. If all I wanted to do was put low res pics onto my website - yes you are right - a 1 or 2 meg camera will do the same thing. Oh and that camera in Canada is $1700.00 :-( but I still think it was a good choice.
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