Which computer company builds the sturdiest, long- lasting laptop


May 3, 2013
I'm curious to see what others say about laptop companies because I am interested in finding out what company builds the toughest computer. I've been looking at Lenovo ThinkPads and all I can say is that they seem to be the strongest affordable computer I can find. I don't want some super flashy computer that breaks super easy like my Sony Vaio E series 14inch laptop. The kind of computer I would be looking for is something that can handle difficult computing tasks and some basic gaming in MMO-like games. HP has always been my preference but it seems like they lost their touch. Acer is supposed to look nice but not be the best running computers. I don't want a Mac so please don't recommend one because screw Apple I'm not even in their price range for their shit. I would prefer ASUS and Lenovo because they seem like the best built. So in conclusion what company builds the strongest computer with decent battery life that can actually run semi-difficult tasks and stay under the $1000 range.


Aug 15, 2013
Great question and it appears like you have already taken some steps to help you make a decision. I would agree with the 3 brands you are leaning towards. My personal preference is Lenovo. I have a ThinkPad myself and with four kids it doesn't always get the kindest treatment, yet it has held up in the couple of years I've owned it. I have also owned an Acer during that time and been quite disappointed in it. In fact I've had a couple of keys on the Acer coming off and have had problems with the display. I suspect some of this is due to wear and tear but the Acer hasn't gone through anything different than the Lenovo. ASUS is another solid brand worth checking on and I wouldn't give up on HP just yet. Take a look at the ASUS and Lenovo lines and I'm sure you can find a solid option with plenty of guts to run what you need.
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