Question Which free firewall to use? (Ditching Bitdefender for Kaspersky Cloud free, RANT INCLUDED)

May 10, 2021
Before's a little rant to know where i come from with Security softwares... tl;dr at the bottom..

Bitdefender, over the last months, has been a total disapointment for me...
I'm a computer technician and I used Bitdefender Internet Security on my pc and Bitdefender Free on my customers pcs since 2012. I'll split my rant between my customers and myself..

CUSTOMERS: Bitdefender free, for the second time in 2 years, made my customers completely lose access to many important web sites for them including regional bank website along with a couple of other web sites. They have to disable Bitdefender free in order to access them. Last time it happened was last month... AND I STILL GET CALLS FOR THAT! ITS NOT FIXED YET! It would have been okay if it was only the bank website and I would have assumed that page was broken... but it was not the only problematic web page...there are many of them, broken EXCLUSIVELY for bitdefender free users! Don't worry, I tried reinstalling it and formatting the PCs! I'm replacing it with Kaspersky cloud Free for free to every complains I get on the phone. This should not happen to helpless users..

MYSELF: Since 5 months ago, Bitdefender Internet Security decided to HEAVILY scan Firefox when i open it, hugely delaying its startup. (Don't worry, firefox is not infected nor corrupted, I double triple checked!) I have a samsung 970 evo NVME M.2 SSD, its stupid fast, but firefox starts stupid slowly. Bitdefender IS is using big ressources when i open firefox. Firefox opens fast when Bitdefender IS is completely disabled. Then, ince last week, Bitdefender IS is using MAJOR ressources when scanning a usb stick, almost freezing my pc until i say click stop or exit... and that's even the case with my blazing fast SAnDisk Extreme Pro USB 3.1. Bitdefender IS is crippling my perfectly healthy i7-9700k, RTX 2080TI, 32GB RAM 3200 CL15 PC.

I'm done with Bitdefender. I shouln't have to go to their forums to get help for simple things like that that. It should simply work. Period.

Trying out Kaspersky Cloud Free!
Now.. I'm struggling to choose between Binisoft/Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control or Comodo to replace Bitdefender's Firewall. I really liked Bitdefender's firewall's option to get asked for permissions in a pop up for every outgoining connections and remembering my choices. I know both WFC and Comodo can do the same thing. Which one do you recommend any why? My criterias are highest protection level, compatibility with Kaspersky Cloud Free, being lightweight, being free of charge and having the ability to get ask my permission to "always" or "never" allow outbound connections by an app or program.

Please, feel free to suggest more firewalls has these features as i'm open for additional suggestions!
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