Dec 31, 2014
I was going to buy the P35kv3-CF1 from NewEgg at $1,299 but I heard they just announced the P55k (set to start at $1,249 - I think) with similar specifications. I'm trying to decide if i should wait a month (which i don't mind) for the P55k or just buy the P35kv3-CF1 now. As far as i can tell, the main difference is that the P55k only has a 965m 2gb as opposed to the p35kv3's 965m 4gb.

Would the extra 2gb really make a noticeable impact in gaming and are there any benchmarks comparing the two?

As a programmer the keyboard is very important to me, does any one have more information on the P35kv3's keyboard? I know they are advertising the p55k's keyboard as a selling point, based on what we've heard would it be a lot better?

Also, just in general, what do you guys think?


No. The 965m gpu is not good enough to need more than 2 gb of ram. As for benchmarks, you shouldn't be able to find any yet as that gpu is relatively new. P35 keyboard is solid. It sports a properly spaced layout with big enter key, number pad and full size arrow keys. I am not a fan of coding on any laptop to be entirely honest. I always use a desktop mechanical keyboard. I think any laptop with those specs will perform very well. Since coding is not that intensive, you shouldn't have any problems. 965m will come in handy if plan on scripting for 3d engines.