which graphics is better intel hd graphics 4400 or 2gb other company graphics card

Zeel Kukadiya

Sep 26, 2014
I am studying in college and i want to buy a laptop.And in it i have to use autocad and coraldraw and the other editing software.Also gaming too.
If i am getting 2gb graphics of amd and i3 (4th gen) and the 2nd is intel i5 (4th gen) with intel hd 4400 graphics support at equivalent price. Which should I prefer first?


Oct 20, 2011

As a rule of thumb, never buy intel integrated gpus. Everyone in the industry knows intel are the worst at igpus and they are absolutely sh*t for doing anything. AMD APU's are good for gaming and are cheap solution, but if you want to do anything heavy like rendering and physics if there is any in coraldraw, I would suggest looking for a laptop with Nvidia.

Autocad is fine with AMD, but you have to do some research what sort of specifics do coraldraw need and buy the one that fits what you need.

But always remember to stay away from Intel gpus, cause they can't do anything powerful aside from watching videos and thats pretty much it.


Mar 30, 2014
If You Are Getting Intel Core i3 With A Dedicated GPU And Intel Core i5 With HD 4400, I Will Go With i5 With HD 4400.
Because i3 Will Give You GPU's Like GT 630 Which Are Worse Or Equivalent To Intel HD 4400 + You Will Get An i5 Instead Of i3 Which Makes A Whole Lot Of Difference.
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