Which HDMI Switch


Dec 27, 2013
Hi - Great info on this board. Trying to determine which type of HMDI switch I can find/use to connect the following for my mom's TV. Needed to add a soundbar to a Samsung TV with no audio output (TV is in a cabinet and hard for her to hear) No other gaming or components will be needed to connect. Thanks!
HD Cable Box with Toslink
HD TV with no Audio Out
JBL Soundbar with Audio Cable and Toslink
Older DVD/VCR with Audio Cable only (no HDMI)
I don't think you need any kind of switch at all. Connect the Cable box to TV with HDMI and to the soundbar with Toslink optical. Connect the DVD/VCR to the TV with composite video and to the soundbar with analog audio cable (probably a pair of RCA connectors at the DVD/VCR and mini plug at the soundbar). She will have to switch video and audio separately but it will work. A simple HDMI switch that extracts the audio won't help you with the DVD/VCR anyway.
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