Question Which iPhone should I choose?

Sep 24, 2023
Hı my friends,for people who don't play games, using the phone to talk and text, take family and class photos/videos and use it with a Macbook, is the iPhone se 2022 enough or should the iPhone 13 be preferred? I loved the iPhone SE, but everyone is telling me to buy the 13. I have to work for about 3 more months to make up for the price difference. And I can't decide whether this price is really necessary for a phone user like me. I am currently using Samsung Galaxy M21 64GB. I am a software engineering student and this device should last me at least 4 years. I have been using my current phone for 3 years and I have no problems other than the camera. The SE camera scares me a lot. Everyone around me says buy 13, I'm very hesitant. Please help and feel free to write a long answer, it will be better for me :D
(also, is the selfie camera very bad and what kind of disadvantage is the lack of night mode (I didn't even know what night mode was before I decided to buy an iphone).
will the battery take off for 1 day (my current phone has a 6000mah battery and it takes me very comfortably for 1.5-2 days.)