Which is better ? Cambridge soundworks speakers or using an 80's boom box's line in to play digital music?

Aug 26, 2018
The systems can be seen here :
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr6LqWI9SjQ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FquNKLhwWXU
I will use them to play audio from my phone or laptop in my bedroom mostly. My personal impression is the Cambridge might be better in terms quality but may be less powerful than the Panasonic Rx- Ct870. Although I am unsure since I haven't heard the boom box face to face. I also wonder which will deliver better bass, mids and highs? Thanks for reading and possibly any answers which would be most appreciated.
If I had to chose between those two the Cambridge would win hands down. The boombox is just that boomy. Vocals are terrible. Most mid bass punch maybe but that's because you are using it as intended.
The Cambridge will have more bass if you correctly position the woofer. I suspect it wasn't meant to be on a desk or table but on the floor next to or near a wall which would boost increase the output.
Assuming you have or can get the Cambridge at the right price (free would be nice) use them until you can upgrade. A used amp or receiver and passive speakers would be an upgrade for either and would not be too pricey.
Some of these old systems are pretty good ... certainly better than the rubbish made today as they are analog and reproduce a much wider dynamic range of sounds ... limited only by the DAC sampling rate of your digital source and the quality of the file.

Go retro and give it a whirl.

I have a Peavy sound system and PR15's hooked into one of my PC's. :)
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