Which laptop seems best and will it comfortably replace my desktop?


Feb 8, 2015

Basically I am looking for a laptop that will have an awesome screen, be very quick with daily use, and will be able to handle heavier programming loads (running things like ROS, virtual machine, deep learning algorithms, etc).

Of course there are a lot of options out there, but im really considering a 2 in 1 to also easily take notes or do some CAD work if needed. I want a laptop that will last me a long time (I currently have a near 8 year old HP laptop with either a 2nd or 3rd gen i7 in it that I replaced the hard drive in) and be strong enough to at least contend with my desktop so I am not feeling the need to use my desktop if I am just downstairs working on some programming tasks.

As I started researching, I soon found out that modern laptops may actually have surpassed my desktop, especially considering it isnt a huge powerhouse of a machine. Will the laptops im looking at be more powerful (with less temperature control of course) than my desktop?

Desktop specs:

i3 4370
8gb ddr3
asrock h97m pro4
2gb gtx 960
128 gb samsung 850 evo
1TB wd

Laptop options:
Dell xps 15/xps 15 2 in 1
Asus zenbook pro 15
Samsung notebook 9 pro 15
Huawei matebook x pro 15
HP spectre 360

To summarize: I think I want 2 in 1, but if the hinges are known to not last or the heat/power are a problem I will stick with regular. I want it to be close to power in my desktop, but I think all will be stronger. Which brand/laptop sounds best?

Specific specs im looking for:

At least 1080p screen (probably 1080p unless the battery can handle higher)
At least 500GB ssd, but I would like 1TB
16gb+ of ram
i7 8th gen
touchscreen if 2 in 1 (obviously), not important if not 2 in 1

I cant decide between the options, but right now the XPS 15 2 in 1 sounds the best

Doggy Daddy

Jan 4, 2017
I have an XPS 13 (9365) and really like it a lot. It has 16 gb of ram but only a 256 gb ssd....which I'm planning on upgrading. The keyboard and screen are great as is the build quality. The webcam is placed at the bottom of the screen but I rarely use it. I found an open box at Best Buy for less than $800.

I also have last year's HP Spectre 360 15" which is also a great laptop, albeit significantly heavier. The Spectre line of laptops are comparable to the Dell XPS's in my opinion but cost less. I do not like the keyboard or the touch pad as much on the Spectre as on the XPS but they are still fine. The Spectre also has discrete graphics and more ports than the XPS which is a plus. The 4k screen is gorgeous and very easy on the eyes.

Finally, both use USB C for charging which I consider a necessity. It is so great to be able to use one charger for multiple laptops in a pinch.
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