Which laptop should i purchase?


May 27, 2015
Hi, Im getting a new laptop as my current Acer Aspire is showing problems after just 3 years usage.

I am entering university this year thus I would need a new laptop that can lasts me through my projects as well as everyday lectures etc.

As i am a student, my budget for laptop is not so high. I am considering between
(1) http://www.dell.com/sg/p/inspiron-14-3442-laptop/pd?oc=w510101sgw8&model_id=inspiron-14-3442-laptop
(2) http://shopap.lenovo.com/sg/en/laptops/lenovo/g-series/g50/#tab-customize
(3) http://www.courts.com.sg/13.3in-intel-celeron-n2840-2gb-32gb-emmc-win-8.1-genpr-64248-m.html
(4) http://www.courts.com.sg/15.6in-intel-core-i3-4005u-4th-gen-4gb-500gb-win-8.1-genpr-201453-m.html

I have read through some of the reviews but i dont understand all these processors etc.

Im looking for a good laptop suitable for school (alot of Microsoft usage), light if possible, enough memory to store my files and my musics and good batt life and maybe light entertainment watching movies but not into gaming.

Please advice or if there are any models i should lookout for?

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