Sep 1, 2015
hello guys i found these laptops in argos that im most interested in. : this is a Toshiba L50t-B-136 Pentium 15.6 Inch 4GB 750GB Touch Laptop. : this is a Acer R3 Celeron 11.6 Inch 4GB 500GB 2in1 Convertible Laptop.

right now i have the 2nd laptop the acer r3 celeron (AKA aspire R 11) and its alright so far but i can change this laptop (hopefully) and get my money back to get the 1st laptop but im not sure

i want the best performance graphics and speed from a laptop for gaming aswell as for work

i just want it basiicly to be really fast easy to set up and great to work with aswell but im worried i may regret getting the the toshiba laptop so it would be really great if u guys can help me out thx a lot

please i need an awnswer as soon as possible possibly today please

I will go for the Toshiba laptop since it has la larger screen plus it's processor is quadcore way faster that dual core. You'll get your moneys worth if you go for that Toshiba laptop.