Which matters more? Brand or Specs? When it comes to how well you can game on a laptop?


Jul 9, 2014
Hi, I'm looking at this lenovo G510 with all the specs that seem to be good enough for moderate gaming. However whenever I look, all I can find are things saying the G510 won't run games well at all.

It's got an i7 4th gen processor, intel HD 4600 graphics card and 8 gigs of RAM. I'm not sure what else I should be looking for in a laptop. Not a gaming laptop, but rather a laptop that can play games.

For example, I heard the Lenovo Z710 was more accustomed to games. However the Lenovo I'm looking at has an i5 processor, the same graphics card, and a 6 GB RAM.

In other words, what am I missing? Should I go for the Lenovo Z710? Or the Lenovo G510 that I spoke of?


Apr 2, 2012
In general, the key is the graphics card. If any laptop you are looking at has any sort of Intel graphics, it is not a gaming laptop and can hardly play games well. You can play browser games and flash games just fine, but anything more and you'll need to play with the lowest graphics settings.

It is better to sacrafice a little cpu power for more gpu power. Computer companies tend to overload on the cpu side

The Lenovo Y series is the one you want to go for if you want to be able to play games.

So to answer your title question. Specs matter more than brand. However, I would still stay away from Dell, Toshiba, and HP laptops. I've had good experience with Acer, but I know others haven't. Lenovo is a good brand and has good balance of quality and price. MSI and Asus are also good, but are more expensive.


They both matter. It'sd like saying which matters more - your left or right arm. We'll get rid of the other one.

Lenovo is good. HD4600 is integrated graphics - built into the cpu. It's very basic. And can't be used for much gaming.

If you can afford it, get one with a graphics card.
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