Which MS Office did this crashed PC have?


Jun 13, 2011
Gang - how do I dig through debris and figure out which version of MS Office this poor system had? Windows 10 killed it - the hard drive is healthy just in need of a brain....

This desktop had windows 7 and some office version. The Program Files [x86] folders are intact but I have no idea where the registry went when the user decided to take the good Redmondites' gracious upgrade offer. The system suffered a fatal crash and could not be restored to previous, nor succeed wth Windows 10. The user [ it is a business in DC] has no idea whether he bought it on the Acer Aspire system or whether it was added later. they have no IT staff per se: I'm it.

I have .doc's that were created on the sys as well as a few excel and ppt. is there a properties value somewhere that would tell me enough to get it done? Is there a bootable utility that can go through the debris and find the product key - like Belarc Advisor can with living PC's?
where is the key stored?