which of these two should i buy?


May 28, 2015
ASUS X455LA-WX213H (14 inch display)
Processor: Intel Core i3-5010U (3M Cache, 2.10GHZ)
Memory: 4GB Ram DDR3L 1600 MHz SDRAM
Graphics: Integrated Intel HD Graphics 4400
OS: Windows 8.1
Storage: 500GB HDD

HP Pavilion 14 14-R219TX (14 inch display)
Processor: Intel Core i3-5010U (3m Cache, 2.10GHz)
OS: Windows 8.1
Memory: 2GB DDR3L 1600MHz SDRAM
Graphics: 2GB Nvidia GeForce GT820M
Storage: 500GB HDD

which one should i buy? i'll be using this for gaming, please don't recommend other laptops. These two are my choices. i'm not into high end graphics, it's ok for me if i'm playing at low settings...so maybe i'll play games that came out in 2005-2010.

Anyways.. can you guys tell me which is better for low end gaming?

What games are you looking to play exactly? Look them up and compare how fast the video card is in relation to what is recommended. They are both bad for "gaming", the ASUS should be more reliable, the HP will have slightly faster video card speed, but not by much.