Which one of these 3 headsets/headphones is the best for gaming?


Jan 11, 2016
I'm currently deciding on which headset to buy for gaming. I usually play FPS games and MMORPG/RPGs and wish to hear enemy steps as well as ambient sounds in RPGs like the witcher 3, TES and so on.
Most importantly, I wish to have a headset which is comfortable for longer periods of time.

My budget is up to 150$/EUR (i know its not exactly the same but oh well)

I've been keeping an eye on these three audio devices:
- Steelseries Siberia V2
- HyperX Cloud 2 (Or 1 in case it's better)
- Sennheiser HD 558 + an external mic

P.S. If possible, I would buy a closed HS.


Aug 18, 2013
The 558 would be the most comfortable followed by the Cloud and Siberia V2. They are good for positional audio though they leak sound since they are open back. Ideally you want to use a pair of good quality headphones paired with an external mic since most gaming headsets are either overpriced or poor/mediocre in build and sound quality (or both).

Perhaps you could look into a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770 PROs. They are very comfortable and are built like a tank. They have a V-shaped sound (booted lows and highs with a recessed mid range) which works great for immersion in games and movies. good amount of detail and are known to have a surprisingly large soundstage despite being a closed back pair of headphone. I have owned a pair in the past I can highly recommend them if they are in your budget.

That is just one suggestion though. There is a guide over at Headfi with a list of various popular headphones and how well they work for gaming.



if you wanted to hear footsteps easier at the expense of less immersive and fun sounding audio, the ad500x/ad700x are worth considering (a500x/a700x closed ver). good for advantage, not ideal for people looking for epic audio immersion.

the hd518/558/598 series is a good all rounder. easy listening, fairly neutral, not too bright nor too bassy and fits most people.

if you're in europe beyer cans are cheaper than other brands. you could pick up a pair of dt990-250's for your budget easily (or dt770). you might need an amplifier or decent soundcard to run them well though. treble is bright and detailed so you can pick out sounds while bass is heavy and punchy so they are immersive. not as advantageous as bass-light cans since bass covers some sound but you can certainly use them to game competitively.
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