Which one to go? GE62 or GS60?


Sep 19, 2015
Hi everyone,

I narrowed my search to 2 msi laptops.

They both have the same specs except GPUs.

They both have,
5th Generation Intel Core i7 5700HQ (2.70 GHz)
16 GB Memory 1 TB HDD 128 GB SSD

But Msi GE62 Apache Pro has GTX970M 3GB and GS60 Ghost Pro has 2GB GTX965M GDDR5.

On the other hand, GS60 is more quality build and it is slimmer which is more portable and looks nicer. + it costs $50 more.

I know that 970 is a better card but GE62 lacks built quality and its not slim but it has the gtx 970 3gb card.

I am not buying the laptop for hardcore gaming and I will carry to school too so I would like to hear your opinions about which one to go.

?? Thanks.

I would actually go for a laptop that has better quality build since you'll be using it for school and you want something that would last a long time. But normally it depends on how you will use the laptop. If you'll be using it for gaming and high performance task you'll need a better device so you'll want to go for the GE62.

Hope this helps.