Question Which part should I order a replacement?

Oct 16, 2021
not pc related but my second display just died(?) which is a 4k 55" tv from proscan MN: PLED5544U, and i was wondering what parts to order to get replaced, (Because I planned on repairing it because my warrenty is over), it powers on, but it's just black screen, with no sound. and when my hdmi cord is pluged in, my pc also detects it when it's powered off (Usually doesn't do that, display drops when powered off) and it acts like the screen is still connected (Like i can grab stuff from the dark void that is my powered off tv) and At first, i was thinking it was the backlights, but because of how my computer is acting, I am not sure it's that anymore. I also did a flashlight in dark room test, to see if there is video coming to the screen to see if it could be the backlight's, but there is no video.
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