Question Which speaker is better, the Samsung Q90R or the Sony ST5000?

Sep 11, 2019
Which speaker/soundbar system is better, the Samsung Q90R or the Sony ST5000?

Which one is louder? Are there any qualities that one has that the other doesn't?

I pretty much just want a rundown of the pros and cons of each of them, and everyone's opinions on which one is louder, better, etc.

Thanks in advance.
Sep 11, 2019
Since the Q90R seems to be a TV not a soundbar you won't get an answer.
In general if you have $1500 to spend for sound get an AVR and real speakers. Not only will it sound better but it will be possible to upgrade later.

It IS a soundbar. Did you look for it before replying to me? Here:

Maybe someone who actually knows it's a soundbar will give me an answer. :-\
If you leave out the HW you get this
when you search.
Unless you can find someone that has heard them both it will be impossible to tell which is better. There aren't enough in the specs to tell much and you can't depend on the accuracy of the ones there are.
The Samsung does give some specs and the sound of their stuff has improved since they bought Harmon.
High volume is usually less important than clarity since even a loud movie is going to be quiet most of the time. Clarity makes dialogue, folle sounds, and surround effects more distinct at all volumes.
If you have $1699 and have the space for a real surround system get an AVR and 5.1 speakers.
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