Which to choose?


Oct 14, 2016
Hello all, so I'm looking for laptop, mainly I will use it for studies, films, browsing, little bit Autocad(simple and easy tasks) and sometimes gaming( only play CS:GO, LoL, Dota2 and Runescape) also I have desktop pc for games.My budget is around 400-450€ + I will add 4gb RAM after I buy laptop and in future I will add SSD.I searched for used laptops but I decided that I want new one.So I have found 2options and I can't decide, so first one is with i3-6100u + GT 920MX(http://) and second one with i5-5200u + GT 920M(http://) , so that one with i5-5200u is Lenovo ideapad 100 which have only 2USB and also no VGA port, and another with i3-6100u has 3USB and VGA port also, so in general I like that laptop with i3-6100u , but which is better in your opinion? Like I said before I will add +4gb RAM after buying, and later I will buy SSD. Also maybe anyone can suggest any other options but only from these stores(http:// , http:// , http:// , http:// , http:// ) Also sorry that sites are not in english.


Oct 1, 2016
I would get the one with the i3 for three reasons, first off the 920MX is more powerful than the 920 (not by much but it is), second the i3 actually pulls ahead in a lot of CPU tests compared to the i5, and third you are getting two extra ports in case you ever need them.