Which type of wiring should I use?


Oct 19, 2010
I plan on going from an Ipod, to an equalizer (with only RCA inputs/outputs), to an amp ( Cerwin Vega CV1800) (only XLR and TRS inputs), to the speakers (Cerwin Vega XL-15's. a pair of them). I was trying to make sure i get the proper wiring for optimum results. I was assuming a headphone jack to dual RCA cable to go from the Ipod to the equalizer. and then i wasnt sure from the EQ to the amp. should i go RCA to unbalanced 1/4 jacks? or RCA to the XLR inputs? Im not really worried about "balancing" anything, as my runs will be under 3 ft. I just want to be able to play music from my ipod through a powerful amp and speakers. I appreciate any help in advance
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