Solved! White screen and Laptop freezes while gaming Only [Asus Rog G752VSK]

Dec 17, 2018
Hello Guys
I have been using this laptop for quite some time but i am facing a weird problem which i dont really seem to get a solution of.
When i am gaming it goes great but sometimes when a game (Any game) is running my screen gets frozen and then after 2 seconds it becomes white....that it. i cannot access my system or get to my desktop or even shut down my Laptop through power button. Only way is to force shutdown by keep holding the power button until laptop turns off n get it to boot which isnt a safe way to keep doing.

Have taken following actions:
Monitored my temps Both CPU GPU (range 60 to 75*C)
Installed all latest drivers
Multiple malware scans show no sign or virus infection
SSD And HDD Both are healthy at 100%
Ran multiple Memory , CPU and GPU benchmarks (Firestrike,Prime95,memtest64 etc) all showed my system more than capable of taking heavy load without any problem.

I would request to please help me i really spent my hard earned money on this and m really tensed right now

Following are my Laptop specs:
i7 7700HQ 2.8 GHz
16 GB DDR4 Ram
1 TB HDD 7200RPM
256 GB SSD samsung
Nvidia Gtx 1070 8 GB

Thanks in advance

Dec 17, 2018
So after countless attempts at uninstalling reinstalling drivers and listening to all the bs posted online about rma and shiz i finally found an end to my problem.....damn it was a long journey
First a friendly advice to all of you out there use system restore as much as u can while troubleshooting your system...its been a great help to me through all this..big shout out to Microsoft
Back to solution
So what solved my problem was the drivers all along..
1. What i did was reinstall windows and stopped automatic driver update from my pc properties advanced settings and hardware tab then drive installation settings...turn that to "no"
2. Secondly i installed driver booster from iobit (Not Sponsored) and installed all the drivers including chipset etc but excluding keyboard driver and graphics card one.
3. Goto battery and right click goto mobility settings what ever and then under battery tab drop down select high performance.
P.s you may go to power options and find high perfomancr selected so u can configure it as u want according to your preference.
4. do select vsync on in the nvidia control panel and de-activate vsync in games.
5. Lastly an optional thing which is better to do anyway is defrag your hard drive , ssd etc as thoroughly as u can
IMP NOTE: Donot install Graphics driver from driver booster i repeat donot.
P.P.S do install GPU driver from nvidia own site and install it only after chipset driver.

Now i have tested this for 3 days straight and havent faced any white screen or freezes.

Best of luck to who ever finds this useful
uninstall the ROG Gaming Center, it might OC your system without noticing. Eventually use the power limit and/or boost frequency via MSI afterburner, so the GPU won´t boost that much.

Could be related:

use ddu uninstaller to remove all GPU drivers and install the latest from the ASUS service homepage.

Try an external monitor, if the picture is shown there correctly or not

Did you ever drop the laptop?

update the BIOS of the laptop within BIOS, not windows, if not up to date

check SSD and HDD with its manufacturer´s tool (Samsung Magician), eventually update the firmware of these too, if available

If you still have warranty, RMA the laptop
Dec 17, 2018
First of All thanks @HelpStar for taking the time to providing me with solution
secondly i get a White screen issue laptop dosent auto shutdown
thirdly i have done every step u mentioned but issue still persists
lastly i dont have warranty so m stuck with this :(
P.s i know this looks like a hardware issue but if it is one then a white screen should also pop up when i am running benchmarks.
its a windows issue that i know for a fact
Again thanks :D
Dec 17, 2018
No i havent downclocked it since i dont know how to
Yes i have installed and reinstalled windows but no use
no it happens when i game only and since on laptops u have to be connected to an ac outlet to use the full gpu power so yea it happens when m plugged in
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