Why Corn Flakes isn't a real cereal



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First, Corn Flakes just tastes terrible. Like dirt. Secondly, it is not
even close to lightly sweetened. This is a fundamental error in the
history of cereal making. When you make a cereal, make it SWEET!

Thirdly, the name just isn't marketable. CORN FLAKES??? That sounds
like dandruff on cobs of corn, man! Seriously!

Fourthly, the vitamin and nutritional information on the side of the
box is misleading. Everyone knows that "RIBOFLAVIN" is Vitamin B-12, a
complex vitamin and clearly not part of a balanced diet. Taken alone,
it can be benefitial, but in a cereal? NO WAY SAN JOSE!!!1!

Fifthly, the price of Corn Flakes is aroud $3.00 a box (at least in my
area). Who the hell wants to purchase such a small a$$ box for $3.00???
If I want Corn Flakes that tasted good, I'd go purchase a few boxes of
Frosted Flakes! Tony the Tiger knows it best...MAKE IT SWEET,

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Archived from groups: rec.games.video.classic (More info?)

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> This topic is oddly intriguing.
Probably because it's utterly stupid and off-topic ;)