Why do my ear phones (headphones) make a constant static noise when plugged in?


Feb 16, 2014
It makes a constant humming sound when the headphones are on, like if the sound is all the way down or muted, it does not make the sound. Only when they are running. It is not a problem with my headphones, I tried it with multiple headphones (both Panasonic, if the problem is that), and they both did it. My laptop has windows 8, it has Maxx Audio Pro, its a Dell. How do I fix it? I even tried cleaning the jack and plug, but that didnt do anything...

My laptop: Dell inspiron 14 7000 (BestBuy version)


Feb 16, 2014

Like I said, I tried it with 2 (now 3) head sets, and they all had the static sound...
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