Why do people talk about slowing down audio when I mention audio lag?


Oct 28, 2010
When I mention in other posts about having audio lag I mean that the video is to early. The lips start moving slightly before the audio starts up. But people always seem to talk about slowing down the audio to fix it. I know its the tv because I don't have the problem when I watch the videos (streaming from internet and video files in avi,mkv,mp4,ect) on the monitor and it still syncs up fine while I watch it on the tv but keep the sound going through the computer speakers. It isn't until I switch the audio over to play through the TV that the off sync occurs.


Oct 15, 2007
probably because slowing down the audio is the OPPOSITE of what i already suggested.

i mentioned both, and went into highly specific information about how the video gets slowed down to make the audio match.
i also told you what piece of hardware is the most commonly available to do this for you.

as for the rules you have broken by not keeping the same subject in the original thread you started.. those would be:
•Keep criticism constructive. Attack the idea, not the person.

since your 'idea' has already been answered, there is nothing left but harassment, insult, and abuse towards me.
perhaps your actions are objectionable and harmful to the forum, since you are flooding the forum section with your hate speech.

your actions are defamatory towards me, these new threads break the natural flow of forum discussion.. and by being negative towards my replies, you are also trolling.

nobody needs to bother talking about this topic with you any further.
the answer lies in a previous thread.
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