Why does Chrome download so slowly??

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Aug 30, 2013

I realised that Chrome has been downloading files at an extremely slow speed. When I download games from Steam, I get around 30 MB/s , but when downloading simple drivers from Chrome, the speed drops all the way to 40 KB/s .

Why is this so?? From 30 megabytes per second, to 40 kilobytes per second?? Why does it drop so low and how can i fix this??

Any input would be appreciated,
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Sep 8, 2015
You can follow these steps to increase your download speed:

Step 1

Click the Chrome menu (it looks like three bars stacked on each other) on the browser toolbar, select "Settings" and then click the "Show advanced settings" link.

Step 2

Click the box labelled "Predict network actions to improve page load performance." This tells Chrome to download pages you are likely to visit next in the background.

Step 3

Open the Chrome menu, hover over "Tools" and select "Clear browsing data." Tick the boxes marked "Empty the cache" and "Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data" and then select "The beginning of time" from the drop-down menu at the top. Click "Clear browsing data" to confirm.

Step 4

Open the Chrome menu, hover over "Tools" and select "Extensions." Click the "Remove from Chrome" button next to any extensions that are not in use. Remove any extensions that may be having an impact on download speed, such as utilities that download information or connect to a server in the background.

Step 5

Open the Chrome menu and select "About Google Chrome" to check you are running the latest version of the software. This ensures Chrome includes the most recent bug fixes and performance improvements.
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Oct 17, 2014
Supp man,

Maybe the server from which you're downloading has issues. If you're experiencing this issue on all downloads from chrome you're first step should be a reinstall.

Other than that maybe your Steam or Torrent is using the bandwidth at the same time.

This should be solved really easily, Chrome is pretty much straight forward.. :p


Oct 13, 2014
Make sure you are downloading from a local server, if you live in the US, don't choose a download site from The Netherlands, if an option exists that is closer.

30MB/s must be rough, there was a time where 40KB/s was amazing.

Really though, how often do you download from ASRock? ASRock is a great reliable motherboard manufacturer. To ridicule the hardware because you can "only" get 40KB/s from their server is showing your age, be patient, grab a koolaid while you wait, or whatever the cool kids drink now-a-days.

If this displeases you, by all means, next time you get a motherboard, make sure to buy from whoever offers the fastest driver download speeds, instead of wasting your instant gratification-eccentric life waiting 3 minutes on a download. Heaven forbid buying products based on quality, price and performance when you can download 20MB of drivers at 30MB/s.

I don't expect you made it this far, but best of luck none the less.
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