Question Why Does the Audio System in My Auto Require a Compatible Cell Phone to Play Pandora Radio?

Sep 25, 2020
I was wondering why the audio system in my automobile (2017 Buick Enclave) requires that I have one of my cell phones that has the Pandora Radio software installed to listen to Pandora in the car. The sound system lists "Pandora" listed among the options under "Source" but apparently the system does not have a built-in capacity to independently access Pandora, only the ability to play that resource when essentially acting as a "repeater" allowing sound from a device with a Bluetooth connection to the audio system.

I am a bit old school, and since I know of no cell phone manufacturer, other than Blackberry, that produces a cell phone with an integral tactile keyboard, and Blackberry does not offer any of its devices with tactile keyboards utilizing an Android OS (the only Blackberry device that is offered with an Android OS lacks its signature tactile keyboard). Both my son, and my grandson do just fine on their cell phones with the screen-indicated keyboard, but for whatever reason, I cannot seem to hit the correct key and not either the incorrect key, or my finger placement seems to hit more than one key, which then produces an unwanted combination of letters which need to recognize during the proofreading process (a task which I generally reserve for my secretary as I am also anachronistically-challenged in that I virtually always dictate everything other than the short notes that are sent by Text Messaging.

This shortcoming results in my being required to carry a second cell phone with me for the sole purpose of listening to Pandora while driving, or hunting around the SiriusXM spectrum to find a specific type of music that I want to listen to, and to do so on a repetitive basis to get the combination that I would otherwise have already programmed into my Pandora Station Groupings.

I have gone s far as to leave my Panasonic Toughbook (CF-19 Win 10 OS) that I apparently able to pair up using a Bluetooth connection plugged into the inverter installed in the vehicle to keep its battery charged and opened Pandora on that computer, however, it would not play through the vehicle audio system. I am not sure if that is as a result of its being connected to the Internet using the vehicle "Hotspot" WIFi, or if it is a result of it being Win 10 OS based rather than an Android device?

Yes, it does sound like a minor issue, and probably is one in many ways but that is just one more device to misplace or leave behind when I go from one office to another, e.g. from the Dallas Metroplex, to South Central KY & if I am not returning directly back to D/FW it can result in the expense of a FedEx package if the Blackberry phone is the one that is left behind.
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