Question Why is the TV Audio coming via ARC enabled HDBaseT through Receiver not being amplified?

Nov 15, 2020
I have a Vizio Smartcast E Series TV connected to a Yamaha RX-V373 Receiver using a HDBaseT ARC Extender. Then 5 surround sound speakers running from the Reciever and a subwoofer amp and woofer. The HDMI Cable is running from the TV ARC HDMI port to the HDBaseT receiver set to ARC through about 100 ft of CAT6 to the HDBaseT transmitter set to 4k, then into the Receivers ARC output with HDMI. The TV is setup for ARC any CEC, however it doesn't recognize and CEC devices. The receiver has the arc and controller enabled on Audio 1.

The sound does work, however it is not being amplified nor is it 5.1 stereo. The sound is also only controlled by the TV volume and the receiver can actually be turned off and the audio is still coming through. What have I missed?
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