Why isnt htc wildfire getting adobe flash 10.1 with 2.2 froyo???


May 1, 2010
Hey all,
anybody got any idea why the htc wildfire isnt getting flash 10.1 when the 2.2 update comes out?
I know that alot of people have been saying because its not powerful enough and the flash 10.1 is for armv7 cpus, not the armv6 cpus which the wildfire has (or at least thats what I've read) but if the wildfire can handle skyfire and youtube without any problems etc, then im sure it wouldnt be hard for htc to get flash 10.1 working on the wildfire also?
Im a bit of a noob when it comes to this sort of thing so if theres something im missing out then tell me but otherwise i dont completely understand why theyve done this, especially after all ive been hearing about how 2.2 is supposed to greatly improve the performance of the wildfire. sure, many of the flash games out there may still not work on the wildfire even if it had flash because it lacks the power but having flash 10.1 would still be very handy.

well thats my thoughts anyway. what are yours?

Oh and does anyone have an official release date for 2.2 on unlocked wildfires? sources please? :)
From what I can tell, it is most likely because HTC doesn't want to test the upper limits of the phone's hardware with the newest version of flash. It'll probably be out in future phones or perhaps current ones after HTC has had the opportunity to thoroughly test it, but for now, you may be stuck with an older version.


Aug 1, 2008
I have the same issue with the LG Vortex. It runs plenty of apps and games just fine, including Skyfire and YouTube, so I don't know why they can't release Flash for it.

I guess it's the same as many droid phone manufacturers stating that you had to have at least a 1ghz phone to run Gingerbread. Well, the developers from Android shot THAT down real quick, so I think we see why we are being told this: they want us to buy the newer more expensive phones.



Dec 13, 2005
From a manufacturer's standpoint, their developments costs are very high. As is supporting the handsets (I think they could learn a lot from the devs at xda).

Simply put, they want you to buy a new phone every 12-18 months.
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