Question Why my soundbar's grille is suddenly creating disturbances in sound?

Sep 3, 2021
I have F&d T-180X Soundbar (Soundbar link) connected to tv via aux cable, it has been working fine but suddenly from a month or more I started to notice distortion in sound during high frequencies! I thought it was cable issue, I tried using optical but still same disturbance, then I opened it (with screwdriver & opened the body) and checked on laptop with same aux cable, tested it in every way I could,and I was surprised that there was no issue of disturbance in sound, I later noticed that I had its "Grille" removed that moment, later after a week It started to give same issue again! 😥 Now, I tried to see if removing grille solves the issue, and yes it definitely did!
What I want to know is that why the grille is suddenly turning to issue that is hard to ignore! I also came to know that grille is to protect the drivers and tweeters, so basically I can't use soundbar with grille & I can't remove them either! Now what am I supposed to do?? Please help!!
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