Question Why won't my laptop boot bootable windows USB?

Feb 11, 2019
Hey guys, I have a 2016 Acer V Nitro that I left on one night only to come back to a black screen the next morning. Tried rebooting a million times only to get stuck on Window's "Preparing Automatic Repair" screen. So I decided to try making a few recovery USBs to try and save it:

1) Windows 10 recovery usb. Created this with a friend's computer and tested it, twice, but it wouldn't boot on my laptop. Different BIOS settings leads to different outcomes as follows
a) When set to legacy mode, it gets stuck on this loading screen: View:

b) When set to UEFI mode with secure boot enabled, the Acer loading screen appeared and then a "SECURE BOOT FAIL" appears with an image of a lock.

c) When set to UEFI mode with secure boot disabled, View:
pops up for a split second and then proceeds to View:
Acer loading screen - which goes on for hours with nothing happening.

2) Acer alt-F10 recovery. This is supposed to bring up Window's startup recovery menu as well but it just loops at a similar Acer loading screen like (1) View:

3) Ubuntu. Downloaded the latest ubuntu stable and tried booting it on my laptop. Initially it kept giving me a segmentation fault error if I even want to try ubuntu. But today it decided to show me a different screen and actually boot. During previous attempts, it boots to grub 2.02 with the simple black and white GUI while today it started with the same options but with a different UI (the purple orange ubuntu one with big text menu items). With this I was able to mount my hdd and copy my files out. I also performed memtest86 with no errors found after 1 pass.

4) Paul's all in one system rescue toolkit. This was the most reliable in terms of booting as it always booted no problem even though I had to set acpi=off. However I used the automatic boot repair tool and after that it wouldn't boot again (it just loops now)

Does anyone know why my laptop just refuses to boot anything windows? I think I'm technically competent at a certain level but when it comes to anything that happens before an OS boots I'm pretty clueless (kernel, grub, mbr etc). Right now I just wish I could copy my stuff off my HDD and then just wipe it clean to install windows again (provided the recovery media actually boots). Any help would be great. Thanks!
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