Question Why won't my Samsung tablet connect to my wifi?

Mar 23, 2023
All of a sudden, my Samsung Android tablet can't find my home wifi network and won't connect manually or via QR code. All my other devices can find and connect with my home network, but for some reason my tablet isn't finding it anymore. Interestingly, I am able to find and connect the tablet with my phone hotspot only when the wifi on the phone is turned off (I can usually connect via hotspot even if wifi on the phone is on).

I have tried resetting the network, restarting the device, resetting the settings on the device, I even did a factory reset of the device. My wifi is working and other devices are connected to it and the tablet is able to find and connect to my phone hotspot, but the tablet will not find my home wifi and it will not manually connect.

What is going on? How can I fix this? The tablet was connected previously and I haven't changed any settings on the router.