Question Why would the 'parked car' function fail?

Nov 20, 2020
last night i parked my car, did not record location due to "parked car" always working.....this time, however, it just could not locate the car (parked in a neighborhood for a walk....); likewise, checked my Toyota has a similar function, it could not locate.

Both cases, they would take me to a sport, and as i got close, would move to a different area...over and over.....never there....

I{m a tourist, by then after 6 and dark, could only conclude it had been stolen; so called police...

out of the blue, one of the functions 'found' the car; i followed directions as in the past...and this time, it worked!
By then tho the police showed up; so thanked them profusely and apologized.....they were very nice

however, for the future, what did i do wrong to cause this malfunction? almost like it had been magnetized or something, as just as i would approach the latest venue, n would start 'wiggling' and suggest another....and so on .........and not only with the Apple, but also with the Toyota version....many thanks for any ideas!! Ben