Question wifi camera networks


Aug 20, 2016
i now have a wired 16 ch dvr system and a 8 ch nvr system looking at 6 wired ip cameras. the ip cameras once were wifi but the tinycam app i use on a table to monitor the cameras had so much dropout i had to wire the ip cams.

the zmodo system is 14 years old now and cameras are impossible to get anymore, so i can either get another 8 ch dvr wired system and lose 8 ch, or maybe 2 wifi camera systems one at a time and use them on the app.

my question is this. getting the dvr wired system will put me back in the same setup and i know that works but mp cameras are not quite there, or i can get 2 wifi systems and they have the mp cameras and i can get the app to see them and i also have a 25 ch nvr that now sees all my cameras so i can use that for monitoring at the units. but will the wifi nvrs interfere with my router wifi signal? because when i had the ip cameras on wifi i had so many dropouts on the app it was impossible to use, so i wired them and got the video feed back

i'm thinking because the wifi nvr have there own wifi signal that my home router will not be looking at them and then i can use my 25 ch nvr to see all the other wifi nvrs on its own and then my tinycam app can be set to the 25ch nvr and keep the router form over working the signal. does this make any sense to you? thanks