Solved! WiFi Connected But No Internet Access in some location

Jan 24, 2019
my daughter has a new HP window 10. It was connect to any wifi without problem. But after we installed Norton premium and Norton parent control, it can connect to home wifi, starbuck without problem,but when she tried to connect to school wifi, it showed "connect but no internect access". I turned off firewall, but still not work. I don't know what's going on.
If it connects fine to others, it is not the firewall. Especially if it worked before the install of the Norton programs. In that case, it is likely the programs themselves are causing problems with the school's WiFi. Try connecting to it with those not running and see if it works. It will be basically a process of elimination to determine what it is. If you turn all the Norton stuff off, and it still does it, then it may well be on the schools end.
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