Wifi hack...please help I'm terrified


Nov 20, 2017
Earlier today I connected to a WiFi network I always connect to (the one in the public transit stations in my city) It connected as usual, but within a few minutes of using it my phone started acting strange - I was browsing Facebook and my phone suddenly appeared to lock - black screen, no response, but there was a blue light on on my phone (that I've never seen before, I've only ever seen that red when low battery or green when charging) I thought something was wrong with my phone, so I took the battery out. Upon starting back up it was fine, it automatically connected to the network again but within a few minutes the same thing happened. This time I didn't take the battery out, but held down the power button to reset. I then disconnected from the WiFi for the rest of my journey.

I had assumed it was a problem with my phone, but when I got home I used it for hours and no problem. So I'm starting to think something was wrong with the public WiFi I used...and in turn I'm absolutely terrified. The way my phone was acting it was like it had been locked from me.
Please forgive my ignorance, I really don't know much about phones, but is it possible my phone was hacked? And if so, what can I do? Now that I'm no longer on that WiFi network is it possible my phone is still being hacked? How can I tell and what do I do?
I've already changed all my social networking passwords via my computer, but I'm still absolutely beside myself with worry. I've never seen my phone do that before, and I've heard too many horror stories of WiFi hacking. Please help...is hacking likely?

Saga Lout

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It is quite possible and in your case, most likely.

Frankly, anyone who uses public wi-fi without strong protection installed in their device, is asking to have everything all their data away and sold.

Change any passwords that were stored in that device, even if they still work. Someone else might be using them too.

I find Lookout is adequate security for my Android devices and you can find it free of charge in the Play Store. If you have no choice but to use public W-fi, buy a stronger anti-malware utility.


Just to add another thought. Get your phone's User Guide/Manual and check into what a blue light may mean.

Not knowing your make and model phone - here is an example link listing some "blue" possibilities.


Also noted another site indicating that blue may be that the voice recorder is activated.