Question Wifi not working after rebuild

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Feb 1, 2020
A hinge broke on my laptop, along with the hinge screw mounts in the plastic screen case/bezel, so I ordered parts, and replaced them it this weekend. This required a complete disassembly of the laptop, including the Wifi modem, and the antenna wires around the screen. After the rebuild, the laptop powered up fine, but now the Wifi is not working. It can see nearby access points, and says it has good signal, but fails to connect to any of them.

I've double checked that the Wifi card is firmly in the socket, and that the two antenna wires are firmly connected to the right ports. I don't see the wires being pinched anywhere, and the ends are still soldered to a circuit board at the end. These boards have metallic tape that is attached to a sheet of foil on the back of the screen case. I reused the same antenna assemblies, and the existing adhesive stuck reasonable well, but I used some electrical tap to help hold the edges down. Wifi was working fine before the rebuild (after the hinge broke).

Any ideas of what could cause this sort of behavior, or where I can begin troubleshooting?

Laptop: Lenovo Thinkpad L540
Wireless Adapter: Intel Wireless-N 7260
OS: Windows 8.1

Okay, I feel really stupid, but I triple-checked the antenna connection to the wifi adaptor, and I had the main and aux swapped. It is working now.
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