wifi wont connect all of a sudden


Mar 15, 2015

I have a month old Acer Aspire V13 (v371-58GA). Wifi worked fine for a few weeks, then 2 weeks ago it just wouldnt connect to home wifi anymore (Cant connect to this network). After I restored it to previous restore point several times (chose different restore points), it started to work again. Now it happened again, and I dont think that restoring last time really did help, it was just coincidence. now I cant connect again, and I dont know what to do. I use windows 8. Ethernet works normally. Also, when the wifi was working it seldomly had limited connection on wifi, which resolved itself under a minute.
What do I have to do to make it work again!!?



Jul 29, 2014
We would need more information than that, since it can be an IP conflict, heavy Wi-Fi pressure or a corrupt registry key in your Windows (Caused by a malware maybe?).

Can you tell us exactly what have you done to your computer before two weeks?


Mar 15, 2015

it didnt post my answer to AssemblerX86.
so... I did almost nothing, no new programs.
for limited connection I tried this a few days ago (when the problem with no wifi started again):

Reset the TCP/IP stack
Disable Wi-Fi adapter napping
Enabling Metered Connection Downloads
Reset TCP/IP Autotuning

But this last time the problem with no wifi connection just went away on this own. and now for example, my laptop connects to wifi normally ( an hour ago it didnt, that why I started this thread). Has anyone ever encountered such problem?
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