Question Wikipedia app doesn’t restore from icloud.

Jan 12, 2022
It seems one of the apps that doesn’t automatically backup to your icloud is the wikipedia app. I think I read something about; They won’t save apple data on their end any longer so users have to create a username for the mobile app that doesn’t have anything to do with the desktop site.

But mostly I’m just distraught because I lost all my data from past research. It’s impossible to recall everything. Usually on mobile I saved the website page to safari in case they tried to screw me over.. in the past I’ve synced to my latest phone from the wikipedia app by lining up the old and new one next to each other and it all synced up eventually. But I’ve had some financial responsibilities and wasn’t able to repair the screen on my old phone to sync with my latest one this time, until today that I got my old phone fixed and it has offloaded the wiki app and lost my data. This phone had data in it spanning as far back as 2017, so it was an app that was rich with my data and all kinds of articles and it saddens me. I am willing to fire up my old mac or try to recover any data from previous backups to get the very oldest data, as it all means a lot to me. I’m having one of those ‘if the computer is so smart why is it so brain dead’ moments, and I want to cry. I just can’t fathom how icloud is unable to save wikipedia app’s user data for backups. Even after logging into the account I tried to create at some point, my data is gone. Even though the data was sync’able anyway across phones without that so why no able to be backed up. Any advice that pertains to this issue is appreciated!

i have no data in the wiki app from before october so I guess that’s when I lost everything. It hasn’t been 180 days since then so I’m hoping I can dig into a older backup from before it offloaded the app. Thanks in advance and I’m open to hear suggestions if they are technically informed.
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