Will adding memory to an old netbook improve performance significantly?


May 16, 2014
My son has a 1 GB netbook samsung np130. He wants to add 1 additional GB of RAM to improve performance. There is a noticeable lag when typing basic emails. He tends to browse a lot and open many tabs. Of course he games too but that is probably a lost cause on an old netbook. The cost for the additional memory is only $13 but I am thinking he is better off waiting a couple of months and even buying a $325 laptop with 4 or more GB and Windows 8.1. The netbook is running XP. The machine has had a hard life but he has managed to take it apart fix various items on it.

Any thoughts on what he should do with a limited budget would be helpful. Thanks.

Strawberry Quick

Jun 26, 2014
I say get a new computer because most of the parts in the computer are probably going to die soon and 1gb wont really make that big of a difference in performance. Also maybe it would help if he tried using a less ram demanding browser assuming he uses chrome? Because chrome really does eat up a lot of RAM but other than that I personally would suggest a new computer because you cant really expect that long of a life span on your current computer.


Oct 20, 2014
Check task manager and see how much memory is just being used and you can go from there to see whether or not the extra memory is needed or not. Otherwise, if it's his main/only computer for the next few months the extra $13 for some extra memory couldn't hurt should make things a bit better even for the few months left he has to use it before upgrading. Also make sure it actually has 2 slots for memory, a lot of netbooks only had 1 slot, so if you you were trying to double it to 2 GB you're gonna have to buy a 2GB Stick in that case then. Also make sure the motherboard on that netbook supports it because several netbooks have a limitation of 1 GB RAM.


Jul 13, 2012
Leave the NP130 and run. Windows XP, 1GB RAM, eeeeeek! Sounds like it has already served its purpose as a learning tool. Your son will appreciate a new laptop more now. Looks like someone might be getting a new lappie for x-mas?
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