will astro a50 work with asus xonar pheops


May 12, 2013
hello guys...

i'm going to buy astro A50 and i already have the asus xonar pheops and i did some search about it and i saw some poeple having problem with another ASUS sound card and i couldn't find about the Pheops card....

so will Astro A50 work with Asus xonar Pheops with no problems ??


Sounds like that sound card has a lot of problems when I did a search. I don't have experience with the card but with the Astro 50s, since the Astros use a mix amp it is going to do the sound processing anyways, so the Xonar might just be a glorified optical output device. Pretty much just passing the info along without really doing anything. If you have problems, your mobo might have an optical output so just use that output.

Kinda sad to say since that sound card is $200.00 but it gets good reviews for music but not so good with gaming. Kinda mixed reviews but the major issues seemed to be bad driver support and interference with higher end GPUs.

I have listened to the Astro 40s with the mix amp and they were pretty good for a simulated 5.1 for gaming.

Happy listening, the Prisoner...