Will Denon AVR-X1100W replace my sonamp

Dec 30, 2014
I have an older model Denon receiver and Sonamp powering my surround sound in my living room and house speakers in 4 additional rooms. My question is if I purchase the Denon AVR-X1100W to replace my older model receiver will it also take the place of my sonamp? Or will I only be able to wire 2 of the additional rooms to the new Denon? Is there an alternative product if that is the case?
If you set up the new receiver for a 5.2 channel surround system the 2 unused amps can be use to drive speakers in another room but you would need to add an impedance matching speaker selector switch that would protect the receiver when you used more than one pair at a time. Since you already have the Sonamp I would just connect it to the multi zone output and use it as you have been. Will be more powerful and stable that way. Also allows for a 7.2 surround if you want it.