will i lose my data if i change my sd card in android mobile

Sep 25, 2017
I have a LYF android phone which has a 2 GB San Disk SD card.i have bought a 16 GB S an Disk SD card.now i want to insert this 16 GB SD card in my android mobile phone.Now my question is that will i lose my personal and other data if i insert this 16 GB SD card?
If you have data on the smaller card, you will need to save that data, either to the phone itself or to a computer, before you remove it and insert the new card.

The fastest way, which also allows you to save backups, is to leave the original SD card in the phone and connect the phone to a computer via USB cord. Then move all the files from the card to an empty folder on the computer. Once done, remove the phone and do your card replacement. Once you have done that, and restart the phone, reconnect it to the computer. You should now be able to copy all the files back over to the phones new card.
Oct 24, 2018
If I take my SD card out and my phone and put my friends SD card in mind will I lose everything on my phone the reason I'm doing this is because his phone is broken when he turns it on it's a black screen I just try and get his phone numbers off that phone
You won't lose what is on your card 'unless' you have your card set as "Internal" storage (to run apps from it) rather than set as normal "External" storage. If that is the case, do not place his card in your device. It can lead to errors that can cause you to lose access to your card. On top of that, it may be useless to do anyway.

A SD card wouldn't have the phone numbers on it, unless he backed them up to the card intentionally. The same goes for a SIM card, which is used for service. It will only have the contacts if you intentionally put them there. So moving his card to your phone may be of no help.

Now if they had the phone synced to their google account, they may well find their contacts there. So I would have them use a computer or other device to check it that way first. They may also be able to access the SD card via computer as well.


Question from alphatroniumgoku007 : "Will i lose my data if i change the sd card of 4gb to 16gb in my mobile?"

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